Groceries And Essentials Shopping Service



Based on our clients’ needs, The Maid Experience is now offering grocery delivery and essential shopping service. Currently, most people have to limit being in public due to COVD-19 and other bugs. The traditional grocery delivery services are overloaded, severely backlogged, and lack sanitary practices to limit the exposure. (As it turns out, they pay as little as 80 cents/ hour to the drivers, so your groceries might be handled by stressed out, unsanitary, uninsured, and underpaid workers).


Book our shopping service today and use the service you already love and trust to keep your family healthy and safe!



This is how it works:

Step 1. Book The Service Online

Select Shopping Service on our booking form and indicate the estimated hours based on the time it will take from arriving at the store of your choice, shopping, checking out (including any lines) and delivering the purchase to your home. Minimum is 2 hours and maximum is 4. Select the estimate prepayment for your purchase amount (in $100 increments). We will refund anything over the receipt price. And, we will not purchase anything beyond this amount.




Step 2. We Will Set It Up.

Our goal is to make sure you get personalized and painless experience. Once we receive your booking, we will review all the details and add you to a communication app called Slack. You will have your own channel with your designated maid. On the date and time you selected for service, the maid will use the channel to ask you any questions, post photos of the items she’s buying, receipt, as well as map of her clock in/ out and drive time from our time tracking app. A manager will be tracking the communications to make sure it’s going smoothly.

Step 3. We Go Shopping While Keeping You Safe

At the designated day and time, your maid will be at the grocery store or pharmacy making your purchases. She will be in touch and posting the photos of items as she’s buying them. She will use the mask, the gloves to handle any items, wipes to sanitize the cart. The trunk of her vehicle will be disinfected by a hospital-grade spray before any purchases are placed in it.

Step 4. No-Contact Delivery

We will deliver the purchases at your doorstep, placing them on a new plastic bag which you can later discard. Our customer support will review the records in your channel, finalize your bill and issue a refund for anything over the driving time (pro-rated in 30 minute increments) plus 100% of the amount over the receipt. Ta-da! You’ve got your purchases and you didn’t have to leave the house, battle the crowds, get exposed to COVID-19 and flu. We can do this every week, twice a month or as often as you need!

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